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I’m Dustin Day, a multi-media designer or content marketing geek? hmm…creative development professional.
When I first got started, programming and web design was quite different, the graphics and multimedia editing programs were “cutting edge,” however incredibly outdated by today’s standards, and marketing strategy, ROI, and analytics weren’t even part of my thought process, much less vocabulary.
I was first a web developer, aware that I had more to offer than 40+ hours of programming a week, I decided to reach towards more creative positions.
My next step was gaining experience in computer animation and multimedia, learning how to edit and produce videos, photography, sound design, and animation. I also honed my skills in photography, graphic design, and I continued to work in and evolve with the web design technology focusing more on the creative end.
Being skilled in the creative and technological aspects of digital and traditional media creation sparked my interest in the strategy of using and executing the content for marketing purposes, and the analysis of those efforts to learn how to be effective with an audience in mind.

Skill Overview

Leadership and Communication
Marketing Traditional and New Media
Content Strategy and Development
Print and Web Design
UX and UI Design
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media and Local SEO
I have worn many hats over the years, luckily all of them have stacked up on top of each other to form one impressive skill-set of awesome!

experience and creativity

2012 - Current - Director of UX development, social media and SEO/SEM

2010 - 2015 - MFA, Web Design and New Media

Leading teams and working a strategy towards a goal

2004 - 2010 - Art Director

Lead the art department within the marketing team for a number of companies, under one umbrella. Work with the team through a number of mergers and acquisitions.

2002 - 2004 - Lead Designer

Work for a publication creating sales and advertising media, work with a team on a monthly publication, and create and manage the website.
Learn how to use my skills with a marketing purpose

2000 - 2003 - B.A., Multimedia Design

This was a deeper level of working with digital media and web technology. From interactive video, audio production, to complex games and web products, the true focus was learning how to stay on top of evolving technology and use them as a tool.

Skills Acquired:

  • Delve deeper into the UX and IA of websites
  • Streaming technologies
  • Product testing and development
  • Kiosk and display design and production
  • Working with a team to reach a shared end product

2000 - 2001 - A.A.S., Web Design

With my experience in programming, I learned more about utilizing web technology applied with critical thinking to reach a client’s end goal.

Skills Acquired:

  • Coding theory and fundamentals and how to apply them as the field evolves (HTML, CSS, PHP, CFML etc…).
  • Develop my skills with the design process and how to apply it to websites and digital media.

1998 - 2000 - A.A.S, Computer Animation

This was a great place to start getting my hands dirty. It started with so many design fundamentals, growing evolving through traditional and modern techniques, combined with the multimedia aspects of it.

Skills Acquired:

  • Became comfortable with principals of design
  • Traditional animation
  • Video and photography
  • Non-linear editing and effects
  • Lighting
  • Audio editing
  • 3D Animation and modeling
  • Storytelling through digital media
  • Learned to take a critique

1998 - 1999 - Lead Developer

Work with a team to develop websites, applications, flash development, and design.
Turning passion toward commercial output

1990 - 1998

Really grow a passion for art, creativity, and computers

1995 - My first true electronic instrument

I finally received my first complex sequencer and synthesizer.

  • Roland MC-303

1991 - 1993 - Relish in Computer Science

  • Apple IIe

1988 - Write my First Program

  • Program a bouncing rainbow screensaver, on a set top box that connected to my family television.

1985 - 1998 - Growing up

I was lucky enough to have a family that nurtured the creativity and artistic side.

  • From art and music classes every semester of school, from elementary to high school.
  • Extracurricular art courses with more specific focus
  • Music courses of many different instruments
  • Dance Classes

1980 - Hello World

leading and getting my hands dirty

As someone who has worked in the business of design and marketing for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen how B2B and B2C relationships and marketing outreach has evolved. From traditional marketing networks and methods to the modern and quickly evolving tactics and strategies used to capitalize on the global and local economies of today.

Working with teams has evolved, and the media and mediums that are used to reach your audience will always be changing. Having a broad skillset in new and traditional media helps with effective leadership and producing and executing a creative strategy.

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