About Me

I Love Art and Design:

I have been in love with art for as long as I can remember. I was the kid who would get colored pencils and paint for the Holidays. I’ve been taking art classes throughout my elementary and upper education. After HS I went to The Art Institute (AiPX) originally for animation, but fell in love with the creativity in design, and beauty of aesthetics. Graduating from AiPX with degrees in computer animation, web design, and multimedia design, (yes, three times) I have been working as a web and graphics designer/developer since 1998, and I am always learning and growing my knowledge. Currently I am pursuing my Masters in Fine Arts from Academy of Arts University, CA in Web Design and New Media.

Photography is More Than a Passion:

A passion for capturing and editing images. As a designer it started as needing more and more stock art and working with cameras when I worked in the video department in college. Wanting the highest quality art available, I learned and developed my abilities. Initially, I specialized in people photography for magazine and advertising usage. I then developed my skills in another direction, needing detailed imagery for product photography used in catalogs and websites. Now working in the Environmental Industry, I am currently developing my microscope artwork. On the side I have done a number of events, weddings and location independent photography.

Learning and Developing in New Media:

My goal is to always be learning! As a “student” of multimedia, reading blogs and books, doing tutorials, and experimenting with new software and tools is key. Constantly growing as a professional and artist is something that makes this “job” fun! Working with design in mediums such as the Internet, mobile, and application development also take learning about usability and the user experience, along with learning about the technology that a project is going be presented on, the best way the project can be utilized, and in many cases search engine marketing and social outreach. It’s taking all of this into consideration when learning, working and collaborating with people that help make me a stronger designer.

Detailed Skills and Services:

Design for Print:

logo and brand elements
business cards
catalogs and magazines
postcards, flyers and leaflets
posters and presentations
displays and tradeshow artwork*

Design for Web:

web design*
blog design*
micro websites*
mobile design*
flash design*
ad and banner creation*
e-zines, epub, and iPad
newsletter design


micro and macro
senior portraits
small family portraits
kid portraits
engagement portraits
pet portraits
location independent


small and local brand development
corporate brand development
print/web mixed marketing campaigns*
social media
email, and newsletter campaigns*
campaign and strategy development*

Custom Presentation Design:

professional PowerPoint conversion*
–converting PPTs into something fresh
flash presentations*
web and mobile presentations*
tradeshow presentation development*
interactive presentations

Video/Broadcast Graphics:

graphic development
motion graphics
corporate video graphics
blog and webinar videos*
location tours for websites*


application and web training*
webinar development and editing*
course creation*
systems and tracking*

Mobile, Online and Local
Application Development:

specialized systems*
mobile applications*
tradeswhow and client presentations*

Hosting Solution:

small web and blog hosting
(sub contracted but administrated)

*depending on the project, it may utilize more of my or your web team and content development (writing)



"“Dustin is a gifted designer, and was a pleasure to collaborate with over the years on our web site development projects. I always found him quick to respond with excellent ideas and creative designs, and genuinely passionate about his work.”"
Paul Bordine, Applications Development Manager
""The value of having someone that you have to just give them a basic idea and the result is just what you pictured in your head is priceless. He is very easy to work with and someone that you will consider a friend soon enough because he is a great guy with fantastic morals and work ethic.""
Christopher Weedon, Director of Products & Shipping
"“I've worked with Dustin for a number of years and found him to be easy to work with and his work is always of the highest quality. He is a very talented graphic artist and is able to take a concept and create a final design very effectively.”"
Barbara Brooks, Sr. Web Designer